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Upgrading your
wheels and tyres


Polo's made from 1982 to 1994 were usually supplied with Steel or Alloy wheels of dimensions 4.5Jx13" or 5.5Jx13" depending on model and engine power output. Tyre sizes ranged from 135R13 to 175/60HR13.

You cannot just fit any size tyre or wheel to a car, there are limits, one of the most important is the offset. The use of a wheel with the correct offset ensures a proper fit onto the vehicle it is intended for. It can be described that the offset is the distance between (the mounting surface of the wheel), and the centre line of the wheel, this distance is expressed in millimetres. The offset dimension is always stamped on VAG wheels, usually in the form ETnn where nn is the offset dimension in mm.

A MK2 VW Polo is usually supplied with wheels either having an offset of 45 or 38mm, the lower the offset being, the wider the track of the car (i.e. the wheels are stuck out further!).

Polos up to November 1990, usually had 4.5Jx13" Steel wheels with an offset of 45mm, except the Coupe and Classic models which had the 5.5Jx13 wheels (38mm Offset).

The later models, made from November 1990 to September 1994 all had an offset of 38mm regardless of wheel size.

MK4 and MK5 Models have either 4.5Jx13, 5.5Jx13, 6J x 14, 6J x 15 wheels as standard. The offset is generally 45mm (Same as 4 Stud wheels on a MK3 Golf)


Tyre Size Table

Below is a table of standard tyre sizes on the Polo. Most of the wider tyres fitted to the Polo do not use commonly available sizes, so your local tyre dealer may not keep them in stock.

Wheel SizeTyre Size  

Polo Enthusiast Mike Smith, has decided to compile a list of suitable upgrade tyre sizes for the MK1 - MK3 Polo, and has listed their effects on the gearing / speedo reading along with some comments.

Tyre SizeRim Dia.Rim WidthETDiameter (mm)
with tyre
% Dev.
from STD.
165/6513"4.5-5.5"30 - 455440Coupe S Standard
175/5013"5.5"30 - 43505-7.7Goes very LOW
175/6013"5.5"30 - 43540-0.7G40 Standard
185/6013"5.5 - 6 "30 - 38552+1.5Nottingham Favourite
195/55 13"6 - 8"15 - 385440Untested
185/5014"5.5 - 6"30 - 38541-0.5TSR's G40
195/4514"6 - 8" 15 - 38531-2.5Mikeys G40
225/4014"7 - 8"15 - 25536-1.5Gimme Gimme!
195/45156 - 7"25 - 38556+2.2Tony's G40

N.B. Tyre sizes with a difference over standard of more than 2% may affect gearing and or speedo reading by a small percentage, but giving either reduced acceleration times and lower top speed, or reduced acceleration and higher top speed..


Your can check the size of your current tyres against any possible matches using the Tyre Size Calculator Program


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